NEW Animal reporting module
Developed to simplify the reporting of laboratory animal use to the regulation bodies and fully compliant with the EU (2010/63) directive on protection of animals used for scientific purposes the animal reporting module makes writing reports straightforward. A procedure severity assessment is integrated in the module.
Comprehensive animal stock tracking
Keeping your facility up-to-date and organized is easy with Zebrabase. You can track your fish stocks, fish numbers and exact positions of their tanks. An instant access to the stock records is possible thanks to the QR codes attached to fish tanks and the embedded (integrated) camera function.
Interactive view of the facility
An intuitive web interface is optimized for the use with both mobile and desktop devices and helps to streamline the workflow of your aquatic facility by providing all the functions in one place.
ENHANCED Statistics and billing
Detailed statistics is visualized in graphs. Fish handling records, number of tanks and the numbers of fish for invoicing can be exported for efficient reporting and billing. Pricing of individual tanks is enabled.
Detailed breeding history
Crossing history and pedigrees form a part of the fish stock records, which allows a quick access to the parents and siblings information. New genotypes are produced automatically thanks to the dedicated crossing function.
Advanced management features
Plan and request fish maintenance by using the calendar feature. A notification and messaging system is built-in to enhance the staff communication and streamline the facility work flow. Zebrabase is ideal for any fish species or even other aquatic organisms kept in groups in tanks.