Comprehensive animal tracking
Zebrabase allows one to effectively track numbers and positions of the fish in your facility. Instant access to the fish stock records is enabled via QR codes and the embedded camera.
Interactive view of the facility
Intuitive facility view is optimized for the use with both mobile and desktop devices and helps to streamline the workflow of your zebrafish facility by providing all the functions at one place.
Smart user interface
Consistent color coding and informative icons improve the day-to-day experience of the facility staff.
Statistics and reporting
Graphical overview of fish usage and productivity can be used to create periodical reports for GMO reporting or veterinary control purposes.
Detailed breeding history
Crossing history and pedigrees are an integral part of the stock records and provide quick access to the parent and sibling records.
Advanced management features
Using the calendar functionality, crossing, termination or transfer of your fish stocks can be easily planned and requested.