Zebrabase is a cross-platform management software and database for fish keeping facilities. Our main goal is to provide comprehensive animal stocks tracking, intelligent data storage, along with advanced management features and a user-friendly interface.
Zebrabase is suitable for both: the small research facilities that are only just starting and for the large facilities that strive to improve their workflow and daily operation as well as the laboratory animal use reporting. Zebrabase supports the desktop and mobile devices and a variety of browsers and operating systems.
Zebrabase has been developed at the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Prague (Czech Republic) by an interdisciplinary team of zebrafish researchers, programmers and web designers. While developed as a solution for the institute’s own zebrafish facility it is now available to fish facilities worldwide.
Whether your facility consists of a single rack or thousands of fish tanks, Zebrabase may be the right solution for you!
Zebrabase is a non-profit project, so if you and your users use the Zebrabase, please cite it accordingly to ensure its sustainability: Oltova, J., Jindrich, J., Skuta, C., Svoboda, O., Machonova, O., & Bartunek, P. (2018). Zebrabase: an intuitive tracking solution for aquatic model organisms. Zebrafish, 15(6), 642-647.
Zebrabase Team
Jindřich Jindřich
database structure and development
Pavla Beránková
testing and user support
Ondřej Svoboda
zebrafish management
Ctibor Škuta
GUI design and development
Petr Bartůněk
database concept/project supervisor
Tomáš Müller
(server management)
Petr Divina and IT department
(IT support)
Former Zebrabase Team Members
Jana Oltová
(project leader/database development)
Martin Hykl
(database structure and development)
Viola Pavlová
(testing and user support)
Martin Blažka
Olga Machoňová
(database development)
Iva Dobiášovská
(graphic design)
Jitka Arazimová
(graphic design)