UPDATE - Zebrabase version 2.4
Nov. 7, 2018

We are happy to announce new features in the recent version of Zebrabase! 



  • Substock Owner - User can be assigned independently to every substock, in addition to the Responsible User for each fishline. 
  • Minor improvements:
    • Optimized GUI for all major parts of the database. 
    • New filtering options for Fish.
    • The list of offspring accessible from the substock record
Zebrabase published in the Zebrafish journal
Oct. 1, 2018

The final version of the manuscript entitled Zebrabase: An intuitive tracking solution for aquatic model organisms is available here.




MAJOR UPDATE - Zebrabase version 2.3
Aug. 1, 2018


We are happy to announce new features in the recent version of Zebrabase! 



  • Genotyping - Genotyping is a new action available in the action menu that allows to change zygosities (+/+, +/- etc.) for every genotype. 
  • Workgroups - Workgroups enable to divide fishlines and users into multiple groups, e.g. labs. These workgroups then function independently, with fish records separated in the database.
  • Minor improvements:
    • filtering by experiment in Count list.
    • background is now shown in the Fish list. 
    • minor GUI improvements.
Zebrabase manuscript on BioRxiv
Jan. 16, 2018

The preprint version of the manuscript entitled Zebrabase: An intuitive tracking solution for aquatic model organisms is available here.


MAJOR UPDATE - Zebrabase version 2.1.6
Sept. 15, 2017

All Zebrabase instances have been updated to the version 2.1.6, which includes these enhancements:



  • "Responsible user" function for every fishline
  • Deleting records (for admin users only)
  • Custom genotype modification categories (with transgenic and mutant being still the default ones)
  • Editable suffixes for substocks, stocks and fishlines
  • Outcrossing possibility for requests (previously, only incrosses were possible)
Pricing updated!
Aug. 17, 2017

Dear users,
as you may know, our philosophy is to support small and starting labs by providing Zebrabase free of charge. Therefore, we have decided to relax our pricing criteria so that more labs could use Zebrabase.

Until you reach 150 active substocks, Zebrabase is free of charge regardless of the facility size. 

If your facility consist of no more than 4 racks or 150 tanks, you qualify for the Free plan as well. 

If your facility is larger, you can also benefit from the Free plan. Request you own instance of Zebrabase and test it for a single room or rack to see if it suits your needs. Here, you can read the full pricing detailsDon't forget to request your own Zebrabase instance today! 

Big success of live demo
July 7, 2017

A crowd of people visited our booth during the meeting. Everybody who was interested in Zebrabase and who filled out the survey received the 3D-printed fish of various genotypes representing different mutant and GFP reporter zebrafish lines, that could be recognized using UV light right at the booth. Using their mobile phones and QR codes they could be navigated directly to the particular fish substock to learn more about the genotype and the breeding history. It was a big success since more than 40 potential users representing smaller labs but also larger facilities expressed interest in testing the demo version of the Zebrabase. If you want to become one of them, please go to and send us your request.

Great introduction
July 3, 2017

Jana Oltová, the graduate student from Bartůněk Lab of the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Prague, kicked-off the morning session of the first day of EZM2017. During her presentation, Jana introduced Zebrabase as a unique, cross-platform fish tracking database developed especially for research fish facilities. She explained how the users can keep track on their fish facilities any time from any device, with the help of QR codes and to get immediate access to information on the individual fish. After the talk she invited the audience to visit the Zebrabase exhibition booth in the Aula. Jana presented Zebrabase with her natural style to look impressive at the stage. Congratulations, Jana!

Zebrabase at EZM2017
June 30, 2017

We are launching Zebrabase v2.0 at the 10th European Zebrafish Meeting in Budapest! Meet us at the booth in the Aula (booth A3).